family, isn't it about time?

a few weekends ago my brother brandon flew in & we picked him up and went to dinner at biaggis with some of our great friends. it was so nice having a little time to spend with my brother even though it was only for a night. i just love catching up with him, he's rad! :) i drove him up to logan the next day & of course...my luck! i got a speeding ticket!!!! that reminds me i need to call them! ha. logan police need to get a life, but other than that it was a wonderful weekend with my cute little brother & our friends! family is the best!

ps. sorry the picture is so blurry...i thought i had it on autofocus for the waitress, but oh well!

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grant + brittany said...

any cop that pulls you over needs to get a life. laaame. that is great that you got to spend some time with your brother! family really is the best.