i am determined...

i am determined to hang out with the olsens when i am in soho this weekend. ok or maybe even just go to the gramercy park hotel & be where they hang out! can you tell i am a little obsessed? i just love the olsens, even through the not so pretty, coked out years. which they are kinda still in, but whatever! i LOVE them & holiday in the sun is still one of my favorite movies!! did you know megan fox was in that too??

ps. i LOVE LOVE her melt. so cute, i kinda want it...maybe ill do it tomorrow!

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ChloƩ said...

hey! i am glad you commented on my blog so i could find yours! haha, when i was younger, me and my twin sis would pretend to be mary kate and ashley. we felt like if they could be famous, then so could we... i LOVED holiday in the sun! i thought they were so grown up and mature in that!