hair styling competitions

week 2 {fingerwaves}

week 1{incorporate a waffle iron krimp into hair}

don't mind how RUGGED i look in some of these pictures, but these are just a few pictures of the many things i have been up to at hair school. we are in the middle of a styling competition. so far we had to use a waffle iron in one of our styles, which was so much harder than you think. a waffle iron?? i mean come on...i dont know how you can make that pretty, so i decided to go for a futuristic/avantgarde look for week 1. for week 2 they chose fingerwaves, which i LOVE. i went for a very glamourous/pin up girl look. my model was so perfect for the style! i am so nervous to see what week 3 will bring...hopefully nothing too crazy! i will post pictures of the next competition soon! it's this thursday! :)

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