worlds WORST wife

my poor husband is STILL recouping from his shoulder surgery.

{picture below is NOT for the easily grossed out...}

so i have been making him lots of this to ease his stomach. :)

i call it my, "better than serendipity hot chocolate"

so for those of you who didn't know, my sweet husband had shoulder surgery last weekend and yes, i am the worlds WORST wife! i left that day to go to long beach. trust me, i KNOW what you are thinking...nick has told me how many times people have asked him, "where the heck is your wife?" & "why did your wife leave you here?" to be honest, it kind of ruined the whole trip...i felt sick about him being in pain, worrying about who would be with him that night...it was pretty awful! thank heavens for cell phones, texting and all of the sweet people who took care of him while i was gone. & for all of you people who think i am such a terrible person for going on the trip of a lifetime for 3 days, i really don't care! nick understood & was happy for me. trust me i am NOT the worlds worst wife, i am trying to make up for it as you can tell. lots of chocolate & back tickles. :)


Doug & April said...

Awe. Poor guy. You're not a bad wife. That hot chocolate looks amazing!

grant + brittany said...

you sound like an amazing wife to me!