time warp

we had another amazing event for charity at paul mitchell the school, this year for our fashion show the theme was, "time warp." we just kicked off our fundraising competition two weeks ago and have already raised $15,000! our school wins every year, last year we raised $76,000. our goal this year is $100,000! a little crazy, but every penny counts for these charities. i am really excited, we have a lot of fun events coming up! :)


Ty and Kenz said...

So fun! I love all your posts! We need to get together, I would love to meet Nick and catch up!

Mills Family said...

Hi! I've been having fun tonight catching up on your posts! Oh, your valentines looked awesome! Also all of your work experience with your hair and shows and such!! Really fun to read about! I love all your pics too.

xoxoKrysten said...

So much fun, love these pics!