hair night. ♥

friday night matt, ally & alexa came over and we had a "blonde" party. we are all SO sick of our ugly brown color and are trying to get back to the level that we were. except for ally we just did an all over gorgeous chocolate brown, she is such a cute brunette. so we got together and did each others hair. matt wanted to be a silver blonde so we got him to almost a platinum color that night and toned his hair the next day at school. alexa just wanted a heavy slice all over and it turned out gorgeous. i am sad we didn't take before and afters...next time. me on the other hand...i was just simply wanting to get the freakin orange/bright yellow shades out of my hair. of course, my luck it doesn't work! my hair never EVER has a problem lifting, but because of all of the times i colored my hair it was pulling really orange, brassy colors. not pretty! :( so if you see me for the next few months and wonder why i have my hair up in a bun, well its because i am not touching my hair with a straightener or blow dryer until my hair gets back to normal! sad story, i will get there soon, hopefully.

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makana said...

Kaysi!!! I want to do something new but I want YOU to do it. I will be in UT May 11-15.
And since I am on a budget, can we do this cheap? I will still tip you of course