go USA

don't you just LOVE watching the olympics? i stopped by one of my favorite places, "the store" and bought one of my favorite mini cakes to celebrate. we cannot wait to watch shaun white tonight, he's a stud!


Adam and Annie Fox said...

wow i love the cake....the Canadian flag looks sooooooooooo good!!! Love it!

Kellee and Brady said...

Kays you little hottie, why have I not seen you in seriously a MONTH?!?!?!? you look so amazing! loving the blonde hair! :) can we please plan a date night soon? I need some company and you need to see my babers and brady and nick need to see each other haha. and we need to plan this little babay shower ya? k its a date. love you.

grant + brittany said...

shaun white is out of control right?!