so grateful...

i am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband! i am literally tearing up as i write this! he is the best! i just love him so much, i have had a really busy, stressful week & my husband has been so patient with me & understanding. today at school i was completely stressing about trying to get things done and i just had a major melt down after i left. nick brought us home cafe rio, which was so nice because i didn't have to cook & he had no idea that i was sad at all. after we ate he went to the gym & i called him and started crying & told him everything i was sad about and he was SO SO nice and reassured me that everything would be alright. i am so lucky to be so loved, i cannot wait for everything in the future with him! i cannot wait to move back to california with him & have the best life ever! i know that is where we need to be. i miss all of my amazing & supportive family & friends! you know who you are! anyways, i am just so grateful for all my husband does & all of the people in utah who love us & support us with everything we do. we are truly so lucky!

ps. thank you all who helped me decide on which logo to use for my company! i think it looks amazing! :)

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makana said...

Thank you for your post. I appreciate it. I wish you would move to Houston though. I think who one marries truly is the single most important choice one can make and,while I have yet to have the chance to meet incredible Nick, I can tell that he loves you a lot and has a soft heart.