the "one" {for mom & dad}

{master bath}

{master bedroom}

{laundry room}

{loft area/upstairs}

{pictures of the main floor}

{dining room}

{pantry & kitchen}

{coat closet}

{downstairs bathroom & sink}

{linen closet in downstairs bathroom}
{bathroom/linen closet}
{main bathroom on right}
{front door/entrance}


Rob-n-Linds said...

Kaysi! This place screams your name! I love it! You should ask to keep the zebra wall painting!! haha!

~Ashley Dawn~ said...


sara said...

wow, that is gorgeous!!! i hope you get it!

ps-the daddows love you!

Kellee and Brady said...

um...think they raided ikea to decorate this house. hahaha i recognized about a billion things from there which means I am probably there a little more than I should be? anyways, LOVE LOVE LOVE it! ah i can totally see you having all your amazing parties in there, and how fun is the loft!? I just love it! buy it now!!! haha! :) miss you honey!

Drew and Nikki said...

oh my gosh! its beautiful! looks like straight out of a magazine!

The Fox's said...

this house is AMAZING! So cool! So...is it officially yours?

hawaiians4life said...

wait are you moving back to california????? Love the house buy the way sooo modern and love the deco!!!!!

Matt and Dani said...

2 words...LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!