jazz vs. heat

yeahhhh, GO jazz! now if the kings were in town that would be a different story! so we have been going to a lot of games lately. nick has taken up a new hobby called trying to be shiesty to scalpers! the last time we did it we got lower bowl tickets for only 40 dollars, after that nick was all excited and kind of got a little cocky. we thought it would be SO easy because they were only playing the miami heat, but we were so wrong. we paid 5 dollars more than the we did at the last game, but got nose bleed tickets. awful, it was still fun though we went to cheesecake after! :)

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Megan and Alyvia said...

Hey Girly!! i FIANLLY updated my blog...yah I'm awful!! and added you to mine! :) Cute CUTE pics, seriously you are freakin adorable!! We need to hang out soon!!! Love ya!!!!