this week...♥

{Jazz Game}

{i am kind of a big fan of lamar now since he married khloe k.}



so this week has been so fun, but SUPER busy. i am so sad i didn't have my camera for a lot of the christmas festivities we did. we went to the kurt bestor downtown, which is a christmas tradition for the fox family. it was amazing like always. they had a really cool special guest he was a two time grammy nominee. he was outstanding! then, the next night we went to nick's home ward's christmas dinner....his dad is the bishop! :) we have had a lot of fun this week we went to the jazz game with our friend's brad & marissa. oh and i HAVE to say, i officially made my FIRST pot roast. YEYYYY! after ruining four i figured it's about time i get it right and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to grandma fox!!! we love you!!! hope you all are having a wonderful weekend and staying safe in all of this AWFUL snow.{utahans}

ps. happy hanukkah


Doyle and Chelsea said...

how fun!! you got to go on the Jazz court? that's so awesome!

Brittany said...

You are so funny! I know pot roasts are just difficult...whatever!! Being domestic is overrated anyways. Just kidding! But that is so funny that you got to see Lamar! I watched that whole episode and he seems like a really nice guy! So cool that you got to see him!

grant + brittany said...

i HATE the snow. the otter pop thing is hilarious and jazz games are so fun!