cHrIsTmAs 2009. ♥

{cHrIsTmAs 2009 with the FOX family }

we had such a wonderful christmas with nick's side of the family this year. me and nick are so blessed to have such awesome families! it was a little sad not being with my family for the first time ever, but the foxes made christmas just as special and i got to talk to my family a bunch so that made it a lot easier! christmas eve, we had a huge mexican food feast which is a fox family tradition. then, later that night we all shared our favorite christmas stories/talks...etc and then opened our presents to each other. on christmas day, we opened all of our presents and stocking from terry and alan. it was so fun! then for dinner we had some amazing prime rib! it was delicious! later that night we all went and saw the movie sherlock holmes! it was SO SO good!! i hope all of you had a very merry christmas with all of your loved ones!

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