aubs & brookie at temple square. ♥

{oh and the yummy cookies i made today}

can i just tell you how much i love my best friend aubree! she is seriously such an amazing person, i am so lucky to have her as a best friend...everytime i see her i start to cry and we always both squeal. haha. i LOVE her SO SO SO SO SO freakin MUCH! tonight was so much fun me and ally brought brookie and aubs some yummy christmas treats. ally made an amazing plate full of almond roca and all sorts of cookies and i brought aubs a stocking full of all of her favorite candys {nerd ropes, dots, sweet-tarts, cadbury eggs, red vines...etc and a gift card for some shopping!} i just love being around brooke and aubs they are so full of love and compassion it is fun to talk to them! i dont know what i will do when aubs leaves on her mini mission in FEBRUARY! i am already depressed! :(

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grant + brittany said...

i really want one of those cookies.....