UtAh WoMeN's ShOw. ♥

for school we got to go to this fun women's show at the south towne expo center. {which is literally like 2 minutes away from our new place, so that was nice} we had a little booth that was setup and we did styling, curls, updos, waxing and facials. it was SOOOOO much fun. we met so many great people and a few weird ones, but it was nice to go and do like hair and make girls beautiful!! plus, i found like a million cute headbands that i bought. oh and i found an amazing cake place that i will for sure use during the holiday season!! funny story, i curled this lady's hair that had THE NASTIEST mullet ever. oh my, i was dying inside...if nick was there he would have peed his pants because he is obsessed with mullets. haha.

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