i really NEED your help!

ok, so some of you may already know about this contest, but i am trying to win a trip to new york for this international hair show. it is like the trip of a lifetime! in order for me to win i need to bring in new clients and sell a hot tool{straightener, blow dryer...etc} and 25 dollars of hair products. so if you could help me out i would SOOOO appreciate it! i don't know very many people in utah so if you can't come in PLEASE let your friends know. the contest ends december 31st and it goes to the first ten people that get everything done. so it will for sure be filled up before the contest deadline. please please, pretty please help me if you can! i would love to do your hair! :)

here is what i need to do:
{you must be a new client to the paul mitchell school in salt lake city}

1 perm or chemical relaxer

2 scalp treatments

5 cut & colors

10 colors

2 cuts

1 updo{curls, french twist, side ponytail...whatever you want}


1 brow wax

Prices at our school:

haircut: $8.00

Basic color: $25.00 {5 dollars for each extra bowl of color}

Full Foil Hi-Lights: $40.00

perm: $25.00

scalp treatment: $6.00

brow wax: $8.00



1969 e. murray holladay road
salt lake city, utah 84117

{you have no idea how much you would help me out if you came in or referred your friends!!}


Rob-n-Linds said...

Hey girl - So i dont know that I could make it up to let you play with my hair but I will totally buy the $25 in product if it would help you out!

Megan Rose Belingheri Fox said...

Hey Kaysi, I called and left you a message today (sorry if I sounded a little spacy, I was trying to to two things at once...) Anyway, my sister will be in Utah on the 21, next weekend. And she was wondering if you could do her hair. She has a wedding to go to around noon, so would have to do it in the morning. Call me and let me know if you can do it and I will give her the information. Hope all is well with you and NIck. I just read your blog about Utah. I am sorry you are so homesick. It could be worse, you could live by no family!! :) Hope to see you guys soon!!

CaliGirl said...

Hey Kaysi. Its Erika Arn. I ran into you're blog tonight. How are you? I hope you don't mind me reading it. You are more then welcome to read mine. Mine is boring.

Hey i am interested in helping. I work until 4 pm every day.are you available to do one after that time. I live in North Salt Lake. I would want color and a trim. I am trying to grow my hair out. So i really don't want to cut much off. just let me know. My number is 8019280781. Its easier to reach me by text. But if you call leave me a message and i will get back as soon as i have a min.

Leah said...

Hey Kase this works out great! My friend Kari just graduated from Paul Mitchell and now I have no one to cut and color my hair... I would be happy to help!

brittany said...

we are seriously contemplating this... i would love a scalp treatment.... and grant needs a hair cut.

JenniferKaryn said...

I would love a scalp treatment...and i am needing so color in my hair. i need to figure out when i can take some time off work and have you pamper me :)

Doug & April said...

Sorry we don't live nearby :( Good luck though!