HaLlOwEeN. ♥

{john smith & pocohantas}

{firefighter & the creepy scout master}

{i could not stop laughing at nick...i was dying at his outfit}

{zach & nick}

{zach was mr. incredible and then again the creepy scout master}

so after the u of u game me and nick grabbed something to eat and then headed over to zach's parents house to get some costumes. we didnt think we would do anything after the game but zach and tiff had their costumes all ready. peggy{zach's mom} had a TON of fun things for costumes....all of nicks costume is from zach's house. so then the boys decided they needed to get mullets and i didnt have anything so we went to wal mart and bought a bunch of random stuff. haha. it was so fun! then, we met up with brennen & tessa at the sports mall for a halloween party and were there for a little bit and then went back to zach's house for a scary movie{the haunting in connecticut} we had such a fun halloween day, next year we decided we are for sure throwing a halloween party because we should be in a house by then and i'll be done with school! YAYY!

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Drew and Nikki said...

youre such a hottie!! you should totally carry that axe all the time ;) hahah! love you!