zach & tiff's wedding. ♥ ♥ ♥

this weekend has been such a fun one with all of the wade wedding festivities. i wish i would have took my camera to the rehearsal dinner it was so much fun!! the wades are the craziest family--they've always got something up their sleeve! it was such a beautiful day! anyways, we are so happy for tiff & zach--they are so perfect for each other! we wish them the best of luck and we love them!!

{me & zach}

{first dance}

{Brennan & Nick}

{the cake cutting}

{their yummy cake}

{groom's cake}

{nick & zach}

{todd & gus}

{tiff's family}

{the groomsmen}

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bren said...

Wow, your friends dress is really pretty! I love it. You and Nick always seem to be doing fun stuff all the time!