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{me & brookie....aka. sister lee}

{beautiful flowers}

{me & nick}

we had an amazing sunday today! we got to go to temple square and just walk around! it was the NICEST day outside! so we went not only to see the beautiful temple ,but to see my best friend aubree who is on her mission there! we were there for like two hours walking around the temple grounds back and forth! im pretty sure we met almost every sister missionary there because we would ask them, "do you know where sister garbett is?" haha. it was really sad, i actually started crying as we were leaving because we couldnt find her! nick said, "maybe this isnt the right time for you to see her and she isnt supposed to see you." after he said that i just started balling! i just miss my best friend!! im seriously so so sooooooooooo  proud of her!! she is such an amazing person! im so lucky to call her my best friend! so i found out what time they go to wal mart on their pdays so im going to go grocery shopping there and see if i can find her!! wish me luck!! haha. oh but on a good note, we saw my old roomate/good friend brooke!!! she is also there and is just the cutest missionary ever!! :) it was so nice to just walk around on the grounds for a day, there is just an amazing peace about being at the temple!!


Mills Family said...

Hi kaysi!
Hey, I am just jumping on the blogs quick before closing my eyes to catch some ZZZZZZZZ's! It's past my bedtime I think! :) But, I LOVED catching up on your blog! How fun--you are so much fun I can tell! I spent forever going through tons of your posts and enjoying all of your fun pics. I'll jump back on soon and see what else you guys have been up to. That was fun to hang out with all your guys at Ryan and Megan's wedding! I just loved the two of them so much..they were such a pretty wedding couple huh!

n&e.asay said...

awe how sad hun im so sorry i totally would have cried too.
i keep thinking about how much i wanna go there, itd be so cool to see both breanna and aubs there!
ive been tryin to get to utah sometime soon but it hasnt worked yet...got work and stuff but i hope you are well i miss you