something borrowed, something FABU. ♥

so as some of you know i have started my own wedding and events company. it is my passion, i love being apart of the best day in a person's life! it is so much fun to see a brides expression on her day when she walks into her ballroom and is in awe of all of the work you put into her day to make it one of a kind! right now, i am really just trying to get me company's name out and am charging barely anything just for the experience! so my hope and wish is that you could tell anyone you know that is engaged, getting married, in the wedding industry about my company and possibly add a link to my wedding blog to yours {http://www.somethingborrowedsomethingfabu.blogspot.com}. i know with the help of you guys that we could get our name out a lot faster than we could by ourselves! oh and i am so willing to do the same for any of you that have companies that are just starting out{photography, clothing...etc}--i go to school with a lot of people and work with people all day and so it is a great op to spread the word. anything would be of great appreciation! thank you to all who have helped so far! we are already planning to weddings for next year, which is VERY VERY exciting! they're going to be awesome!!

best, kaysi


The Fox's said...

i have a friend getting married in december...i know she has already stalked your pics on facebook because i told her i thought your wedding was the most well done wedding i have ever seen. So i will let her know of your business and she might be intrested if her wedding can then be as FABULOUS as yours! ;)

Doug & April said...

I've already got you on my blog :)
Have you thought about posting on the Sac YSA Yahoo group?

Rob-n-Linds said...

Kaysi! Questions? Ive looked at your wedding blog and its darling and i'd love to spread the word.. do you do wedding/events in Southern Utah?