iDaHo. ♥

{me, seth & foryst}

{me, renee & my mom after i did their hair}

{my mom, dad & me and nick}

{me and my amazing parents}

{doing renee's hair}

{outside of my parents house in idaho}

{our yellow lab katie that just had puppies}

{renee and her favortie}

{me & nay nay}

{they were SOOOOOO cute}

{they can't even open their eyes yet!}

{nick & my mom riding horses}

{cutting foryst's hair}

so this last weekend me and nick decided to go and see my parents at one of their houses in idaho. it was an interesting trip! well, needless to say we got lost and it took us four hours instead of two!! ha ha. no fun! so we ended up getting there at one in the morning! so the next day everyone went to church and hung out at the house for a little bit and ate lunch! then my mom and nick went for a horse ride while i cute foryst & brandon's hair. after i did their hair we went out to see the puppies that my family's dog katie just had! they were SOO adorable and little! me and nick wanted to take one home with us!! later, i did some more hair {my mom & renee's color} watched the pursuit of happiness, visited some more and then took off for salt lake! it was SO nice to see my family! brandon came up from utah state, my dad flew in for the week! i haven't even been up to see the house yet!! yeah, i know!! crazy! they bought this 150 acre ranch with a little fixer up house in rockland, idaho! they are just renovating the whole house. it is cool to see what they have done already!! i'm so excited i want to go up every week and help them do stuff! right now they're in the middle of finishing the basement!


Mills Family said...

fun to see your family-- neat pics!

Brent and Alexa said...

you look so happy!!!! your moms hair looks awesome!

Christian & Janay said...

I love your parents house! and it is TOTALLY in the middle of nowhere! ha. I just wanted to tell you I love you and miss you sooooo much. and we MIGHT MIGHT MIGHT be moving to Provo in the summer and I have a new blog address. christianjanaybarrow.blogspot.com
Love you bunches! MISS YOU!