FINALLY, i get to see my BEST FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!! ♥

{me & my aubree!!!!}

{nick and aubs...so wierd that they couldn't hug!!}

{aubree and her companion}

me & my love}

{steph & nick}

{nick, steph & nick...haha}

{the beautiful temple}

{chillin at temple square!}

{my cute friend brooke who is also there!!}

so this afternoon steph called us and told us they were going to temple square to just hang out and so of COURSE we wanted to go with them! so as some of you know my best friend went on a mission to temple square! so ive been DYING {seriously} to go and see her! last week was the first week we had tried to go and see her and we didnt have any luck! i was pretty sad--totally balling in the car because i missed her!! so we walked around temple square for a little bit and saw my friend brooke who i saw last time and then went to the conference center, but it was closed. so we decided to go and hang out on the lawn for a little bit and just visit! so as we were sitting there, nick was like, "oh my gosh kaysi, and i heard a voice say, "kaysi!!!!!!" and i turned around and it was AUBREE!!! i was so excited!! it was the best feeling to see her! i just ran and gave her a hug and my tears just started flowing! it was SOOO SOOOO SOOOOO good to see her and see her happy!! oh my gosh, she is seriously the most amazing girl i know! i just have so much respect and love for her! she is the perfect missionary, she is such a people person i know that every person that meets her will leave a better person!! i've just had the best day ever! i just miss my aubree! its so wierd not being able to call her when fun things happen and tell her! so after we all talked to aubree for a while we went back to steph's boyfriends house and ate pizza, played games and played a little ping pong! it was such a good sunday!! :)


Doug & April said...

Awe! What a great moment to see your gal pal!!

n&e.asay said...

YAY! haha that made me super happy to read that i got tears hehe
i miss my best friend so sooo much too i know id cry if i could see her right now! lol

by the way, those pics are amazing! the colors and everything just look way good!

Mills Family said...

That was such a fun post to read and to see all your fun and beautiful pics of the temple and you with your best friend! I love that you got to find her. I was excited reading about it! Thanks for sharaing. :)

Brent and Alexa said...

hahaha her comp!!!! hahahha hahah seriously so funny- you're such a good friend.

Robbie Limary said...

It's clif Sounds like everything is going great, let me know when you come back to Cali to visit.