chillin' with the mcdowells. ♥

{they had just a little fun with photo booth. haha}

so brent & alexa came over to see us because it has been FORever and we hung out for a little bit, played with photo booth and went to cafe rio to eat. me and alexa decided to try the tortilla soup because we've became a little obsessed with the tortilla soup at normandies. all i am going to say is that it doesnt compare!! it was AWFUL...it was like chicken broth with tortilla chips and chicken! totally SICK! haha. anyways, so after we left alexa felt sick and had to throw up! poor thing! so my advice don't eat tortilla soup at cafe rio!

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Colby and Steph Stringham said...

Thanks cute girl!! But HELLO.... Look at you and Mr. Fox! That's one foxy couple!!! Ha ha I miss you! We totally should have hung out before I left!!! Lame! How are you guys?!? I know how ya feel about the baby hungry post... I want one too! You guys tryin?