back to reality...

so mondays are my days off and since i don't have to work anymore i have a lot of spare time to clean, cook, run around town... basically accomplish all of the things i couldn't when i was working...so nick has been bugging me like crazy to clean our closest...or should i say my closet. i am absolutely dreading cleaning it. i have came up with excuse after excuse. i think my last one was that i needed to go to target or walmart and pick up some plastic storage bins until i can do anything. so now i have all of the bins and im trying to think of another excuse, but i cant...ha ha. anyone want to help me??? lol. i am a pretty clean person, but when it comes to my clothes i just have a hard time keeping them organized--i just have WAY too many! maybe i should do a little d.i. run! anyways, i am done blogging and off to start cleaning the closet! wish me luck!!

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