oquirrh mountain temple open house

so tonight me and ally got together and went to the ocquirrh mountain temple house. it was such a wonderful experience!! i LOVE that temple that inside is sooooo beautiful and there is just such a wonderful peace you feel there. it was storming SO hard outside and as soon as you walk inside you completely forgot about the insane winds and heavy rain that you were just out with. i am so thankful for ally and for her inviting me to go with her! i really needed to go...the temple is such a great reminder of what is really important in life!! i love being able to go there! its the best feeling in the world & ally i LOVEEEEEEEE you more than anything! it was so much fun to see you after how long?!?! TOO LONG!! hahaha.

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n&e.asay said...

wow :) i want to go to an open house, it sucks living in the south where temples are NO WHERE near you :( ugh, oh well..hopefully one day i can move back to utah or cali :D that would be amazing! haha

oh and your pictures are sooo cute!!! love you girlies