ChRiStMaS fUn. ♥

the front of our gingerbread house. :)
my side of the roof of course! :) GO UCLA!!!
nick's side. (the lame side...ha jk) "U of U- thats cash"
our first christmas tree. isn't it cute??

so, here is a little bit of our christmas fun. it was such a good christmas. we got to go home to california as you can see below, but above that it was our first christmas!! so exciting-- married life just gets to be more fun the more we get to know each other!  we made a gingerbread house before we left for california-- it was so fun!! it turned out so cute. i hope everyone had a wonderful christmas with family and friends!! love you all!! :)


n&e.asay said...

sooo cute! :D hehe i had a ginger bread kit that i brought with us to st george and it still is in its box :( ive never made one before..but oh well hehe maybe next year. i love your blog though! your top pic is absolutly adorable!

Shawn and Brittany said...

You guys are adorable and I love the picture on top...so cute!

Grant and Brittany said...

I am obsessed with your header pic. Now THAT is freaking cute! The yellow is SO bright, I love it. And your shoes are hot.

~Ashley Dawn~ said...

That is a hecka cute tree!!! Love it!!

I need to do a gingerbread house... I have only done the little graham cracker ones... I think a real one would be fun! :)

kelsey said...

What a cute little tree! Yeah Glen and Tanner are like BFF! haha. We hang out with them a ton when they are in town. Such a cool family!

April said...

Nice ginger bread house! I wanted to make one and never got around to trying. Love the tree too!