bRiTnEy'S bAcK!!!!!!!

ok, can i just tell you how HAPPY i am that britney is back!! she looks so good!! i watched her perform the other day on good morning america and she looks like she is doing better than ever!! her new cd "circus" just came out and it is AMAZING! oh oh oh andddddddd..... dun dun dun!!! she is going on tour AND she is coming to SALT LAKE CITY!!!!!!!!!!!!! you better believe i will be buying my tickets first thing saturday morning when they go on sale!! anyways, im just so happy she got through that awful divorce and is back on track. i know i probably sound like a freak, but i really have felt SO bad for the poor girl the last few years with all she has been going through...i mean seriously the girl has a crazy life!!!


Gant and Ashley said...

don't worry Kaysi, you're not the only freak. Carly and I are going to her concert here in sac! We looove her!!!

And thank you for your sweet comments about my grandma, that was really kind of you:) Hope all is well with your new little fam!

Sarah said...

Awww I'm glad she's back too....I felt really bad for her. I think I even prayed for her once...now THAT is a freak LOL Did you watch "For the Record" ?