our {wedding} day

we got married in the sacramento temple on october 18th 2008, it was the best day of our lives!! we had such a wonderful sealing, with so many people that have influenced and been such great examples in the way we were raised! we felt so blessed to have all of nick's best friends there as well! we know it was hard for all of them to fly out all the way to sacramento, so it really meant so much to us!! in the morning the girls got ready at the hyatt regency! it was a fun morning, filled with lots of nerves too! luckily kristin brought donuts for everyone & saved the day! ;) haha. oh & did i mention my hair dresser was an hour & a hald LATE! yeah, she was fired!! so i was a little late, thankfully nick was confident i was still coming!! anyways, i feel so lucky to have married my best friend in the entire world! he is someone who makes me want to be a better person & who is truly my perfect match! for everything i am lacking he makes up for it, & vise versa!! i love you so much nick!!

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