gIrLs NiGhT aT cHeEsEcAkE fAcToRy. ♥


kristin, me and her fork.

adriana and justine.

the girls.

stocking up. ;)

last week my good friends from high school got together for dinner before adriana left for cal poly san luis obispo. it was soo fun to catch up with my girlfriends. they are a blast...they were all so excited about me getting married. they gave me lots of tips for marriage!! ;) oh and of course the food was AMAZING or i should say dessert!!! i ordered some wierd buffalo cheese and chicken thing...totally gross!! the cheesecake made up for it though!! :)


~Ashley Dawn~ said...


I love Cheesecake Factory. HECKA GOOD


n&e.asay said...

hehe those are way cute pics!
and panties ;) haha
thanks for the comments on my pics, i cant wait to get all of them haha im still waiting for those...
but ya the flowers were just from michaels craft store. but the dresses for my bridesmaids were from down east, and the maitrons of honor (ash and my sis) had on dresses i found from a store in utah called 2love.
what day is your wedding?
im so excited for you, i still see all this wedding stuff all around me and i want to do it over again haha
good luck :)

Brendi said...

mm cheesecake factory sound so good right now. The last time I had that was in Texas when I was dating Rusty! It's still weird to me that you'll be married next month. I still think of you, Jamie and Aubra as little girls, but you're all married practically. p.s. Maybe if I we ever meet up in the future, I can take your pictures if you take me shopping and show me how to look cute all the time like you! :)

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you found me and I am happy that i get to add you to my friends. I love that you are stocking up!

Makana Hansen said...

love the panty picture!

Doyle and Chelsea said...

hahahaha stocking up!!! ya girl!

Colby and Steph Stringham said...

hey cute girl... i wouldn't stalk up too much with those cute little panties, cause you won't be wearin those soon! haha But enjoy them while they last!! So I was in Nauvoo towards the end of July too! That would have been so fun to bump into eachother!! How are the wedding plans goin?

sara e.a.* said...

hey cute girl! i just got your announcement. :) i love it! you guys seem so happy. the invitation is beautiful. and i LOVE the little rhinestones. you are darling!!!

Shawn and Brittany said...

hey! he served in the cherry hill mission. he went in 2002 and came back in 2004. so...how are the wedding plans coming?!?!?