so, as you might have noticed i stopped posting pictures of our two week east coast trip because of the insane amount of pictures we took. you would get bored after looking at all of them. haha. so sorry... it was such a fun trip though!!! we learned so much and went to so many places that we just couldnt have done on any other trip without the awesome tour guides we had! thanks to anderson tours for all of the work they did!! definetly a trip we will never forget!! :)


Hammer said...

Wow! What an Awesome vacation!!! And what fun pictures. They're all so different I don't think i would have gotten tired of more.
I don't know if it is the same situation for you, but it made me laugh because when matt and I got engaged my parents decided to take the youngest kids on a "last time together- family vacation." No one else was invited.

Hammer said...

OK...I just realized I haven't made a comment on HOW FLIPPEN CUTE YOU AND NICK ARE!!!! I am soo excited for you! What are your colors going to be. (your BLINGIN ring is gorgeous, by the way.


Jamie, again,sorry