patriots & pioneers history tour.

              DAY ONE: the start of the LONGEST two weeks of my life. haha.

The siblings at the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial.

they had gorgeous fountains!

he looked a little tense.

foryst just being foryst.

me & foryst on the bus.

we found our state at the u.s. navy memorial.

i love my little brother...not so little anymore i guess. GEEZ!!

yup, i'm not a big fan of indiana right now--it stole my man!

we met up with our group at the airport and went straight to a catered picnic right by the patomic river.

sorry this one is so blurry, but anyways right outside the lincoln memorial.

my mom, me & foryst.

in front of the washington monument.

me by a sign by the veitnam memorial

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Hammer said...

So Nick is selling something in Indiana?