bridal shower at grandma maryann's house!

me and my amazing grandma that put on the entire shower!
letty, stacie, me and jennifer
tying on my hat.
me and rachel (one of my bridesmaids)

opening gifts....

two of my bridesmaids and BEST friends (alyse and kristin)
sister cunningham and geri holland
jennifer bowden (how great does she look!?!)
robin and he cute little boy
charissa guynes-- i just LOVE her!!
everyone filling up to eat all of my grandma's amazing food!!

how cute is my grandma? :)
the food.
how sweet is my grandma for offering to do this all for me!! she is the sweetest lady-- she did everything all by herself! cooking, decorations, rsvp...etc. i just love my grandma angel!!! :)

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kaelyn&bryan said...

Hey! I came across your blog from Ashley's.. I know your grandma and she is so so sweet! You bridal shower looked awesome! I served with Maryanne in Primary and when my husband and I got married in May, we had the reception in her yard. It is so beautiful and she was so so kind, helping us with anything we needed. You're lucky to be her granddaughter!