im officially ENGAGED!!!!!!!

so i got engaged on the fourth of july up at bear lake! nick did such a good job of suprising me--trust me that's a hard thing to do, i always seem to find out before they happen. so anyways, nick and his entire family, including grandparents were on monica's boyfriend brett's boat. we had been tubing and wakeboarding like all day and it was getting a little late so we all decided to go in and plus we were low on gas. i hadnt been out on the water yet so everyone was like asking me to go wakeboard. i didnt think anything of it, so i just go out even though the water was way choppy--not good wakeboarding water. so im wakeboarding and all focused on that, then i look up and monica and stephanie(his sisters) hold up a huge sign that says, "kaysi will you marry me?" so i yell, "of course" and let go of the rope and wait for them to come around to get me and nick is on the back of the boat with the ring in his hand.... :D it was the perfect moment. oh and his brother rob video taped the entire thing!!! it was definetly the BEST fourth of july weekend EVER! im so excited to spend the rest of my life with nick, he is such an amazing person. i cannot wait for you all to meet him and get to know him!! he has such an amazing spirit and love for the gospel, it just radiates him. i love him SOOOO much and am grateful to be getting sealed to him for time and all eternity in the temple!

{he is a video that nick took right before they held up the sign...you can see me towards the end letting go of the rope. :)}

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Brendi said...

That's so awesome Kaysi- I am really excited for you. Congratulations!