six flags with the garbett family. :)

i totally found this at the gift shop, the best road EVER!! haha.
showing off for batman.
oh boyyyyy....
snakes are like my BIGGEST fear, so i kind of overcame my fear....kinda...

me and aubs. :)
trying to cool off with aubrees sister in law.
talking with aubree's mom and brian's wife.
daffy duck is a sweetheart!
he totally kissed my hand after we danced!! hahaha.
oh it is love....
welcome to the discovery kingdom!!
i honestly dont even remember this character's name. lol
right after tony hawk.
aubree's brother brian, aubs and me in the splash zone at the show.

shouku, the killer whale. haha.
on the way to six flags with aubree's nephew.


Tiffany A. said...

Thanks for the comments about Ava. She really is a good baby, and acutally she sleeps through the night already! It's so nice...I am so lucky!
That's so exciting that Nick has your ring already, I bet your going crazy wondering when he is going to pop the question!! How exciting!
It'll probably feel like forever when he is in Indiana, but I'm sure you'll find away to keep busy. Looks like you've been having a fun summer so far!
Hope to see ya around sometime!!

Shawn and Brittany said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun!! Ok so I just read the post that Tiffany put on...that is so exciting! You guys are adorable and make a beautiful couple! I hope things are going well!