my wonderful boyfriend. ♥

our story. ♥

so this is the boy that stole my heart, mr nicholas andrew fox. my friend robbie limary served with him in the m.t.c. they wrote each other like twice on the mission and then randomly found each other on facebook. robbie asked him if he was dating anyone and nick said no, so robbie suggested that he should take me out on a date. so nick found me on facebook and asked me for my number. he called me the next night, we instantly clicked, nick then asked me if i wanted to go to dinner with him. unfortunately, i was leaving to california for 2 weeks for christmas with my family. so we talked everynight for two weeks for hours on the phone. i had never been so comfortable with someone so fast, especially someone i had never even seen in person. so i came home on the 27th and nick called me and asked me on a date. probably one of the scariest first dates of my life. DINNER with his family!! yeah, i know...the first date, SCARY haha. so needless to say we have been dating ever since and i love his family like my own, they're amazing. i feel so blessed to have met nick, he has truly changed my life for the better. i LOVE him.(just for the record he is the first guy i have said that too!)

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